The meeting of WG4 and WG5 took place on May 30-31, 2014 in Šibenik, Croatia.
It was collocated with the summer school on Design and security of cryptographic algorithms and devices for real-world applications.

The TRUDEVICE project supported the school and several talks were given by the COST participants.

The meeting itself was attended by around 20 participants. Main topics discussed include past STSMs and their achievements,
future directions for the new collaborations and some research plans for the next period.
As a possible new topic for collaborations, Viktor Fisher gave an overview talk on RNGs in cryptography.

  • fault-resilient software for new implementations
  • dynamic and partial reconfiguration for fault resistance + how to use GAs to add fault resistance
  • how to protect to horizontal attacks?
  • how to protect from attacks on masking the values to choose a value from the memory?
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