TRUDEVICE Workshop on Test and Security (29-30 May, 2014, Paderborn)

Papers & Slides

Ozgur Sinanoglu Do You Trust Your Chip? (Slides)

Anton Biasizzo, Franc Novak. Error Recovery Mechanism using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (Paper, Slides)

F. Lu, G. Di Natale, M.-L. Flottes,B. Rouzeyre, G. Hubert. Simulating Laser Effects on ICs, from Physical Level to Gate Level : a comprehensive approach (Paper).

Nicolas Moro, Karine Heydemann, Amine Dehbaoui, Bruno Robisson, Emmanuelle Encrenaz.
Fault attacks on two software countermeasures (Paper, Slides)

Cristiana Bolchini, Luca Cassano. Detecting Possible Locations for Hardware Trojans by Identifying Untestable Faults. (Slides)

Michael Weiner, Salvador Manich, Georg Sigl. A Low Area Probing Detector for Security ICs. (Slides)

Loic Zussa, Jean-Max Dutertre, Jessy Clediere, Bruno Robisson. Power Supply Glitches Accuracy Analysis. (Slides)

A. Papadimitriou, D. Hély, V. Beroulle, P. Maistri, R. Leveugle. FPGA Emulation of Laser Attacks
Against Secure Deep Submicron Integrated Circuits – Laser Fault Modeling at RTL. (Slides)

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